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tv   DW News - News  Deutsche Welle  November 13, 2018 7:00am-7:30am CET

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this is d. w. news coming to you live from berlin the u.n. just maximum restraint in gaza as violence between israel and hamas intensifies hundreds of rockets fired from gaza strike israel israel retaliates bombing dozens of targets inside gaza our correspondent has the latest on the deadly flare up also coming up no respite for california as wildfires burn across the state quarter of a million people flee and more than forty are confirmed dead making the still deadliest fires in the state's history. and we need to weaker
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a muslim who says he was tortured in one of china's so-called reeducation camps more on the plight of the people facing alleged persecution from beijing. hello i'm terry marchin good to have you with us the united nations has urged maximum restraint over the latest outbreak of violence between israel and palestine and the palestinian militant group hamas overnight hamas fired hundreds of rockets into southern israel and israel responded by targeting thousands of sites in gaza at least three palestinians and one israeli have died in the flare up which was triggered by a botched israeli military raid in gaza on sunday. another night of violence is rated missiles rained down on gaza. among the targets
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a building described by the israeli army as the hamas military intelligence headquarters israel also destroyed a television station belonging to hamas no one was hurt in that attack staff fled the building after warning shots from israeli aircraft. israel says it's responding to constant mis are far from the hamas controlled gaza strip. we hold hamas accountable for any aggression against israeli civilians and hamas by its actions is bringing destruction to the gaza strip and the survive. the aftermath of a palestinian rocket strike in israel the south of the country has been targeted by hundreds of missiles fired from gaza some are destroyed by defense systems some find their target. how mass also attacks an israeli person using what it claimed was a guided anti-tank missile. on israeli soldier was seriously hurt in this attack hamas is not shying from taking on israel after israeli special forces killed
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a senior militant on sunday i mean this is an open battle between us and the zionist enemy only it is responsible for this crime and its ramifications. so the hamas rockets continue and as long as that threat remains the attacks on gaza will continue to. our correspondent tanya kramer is in gaza city and joins us on the line tanya any sign of deescalation there in gaza. it's very hard to tell you at the moment because it changes all of our it was a very difficult night for people in gaza don't across the border and south in israel there have been seven and strike in the area in gaza city in the past hour with the intent of rockets against the most two of them in a ten action has been in the morning that they would expand the range of rockets it so it would not stop. it but had carried out over
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a hundred. throughout the gaza strip two on the gaza strip is going to. be the number on the three hundred fifty rockets against communities and doesn't it . now as we mentioned the u.n. is calling on all the worrying parties to show maximum restraint has there been any attempt at mediation so far. well there are reports down and trying to mediate as they've done before but unlike other previous rounds that we've seen in the past couple of months yet that those efforts will actually lead to a period of calm again i think it's really crucial to see what happens in the coming hours both sides have said in the past week that they don't want to go to an all out war but what they're doing right now is that both sides want to try now the people of gaza town you're living in desperate conditions in this latest violence
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only makes things worse are there any prospects for things improving there in gaza under hamas control. was actually quite interesting this is going a sion because it comes actually in the middle of a period where athletes are made by egypt then the u.s. and special coordinator to reach a come to tween isn't hamas which included something that's more like just a few came in the bout to be so that salaries of hamas and trees web page with cash from qatar to ease the situation but at the moment it is unclear what will happen with those efforts and for people in gaza quick continues rounds of violence. come back again and again it's kind of part of the life but of the three was everybody is of course. in the war are no longer a military operation tanya thanks for that update the w's tanya kramer there in gaza. a wildfire in northern california has now killed over forty
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people making it the deadliest blaze to hit the u.s. state over five thousand firefighters are trying to tame the flames there which have destroyed over seven thousand properties two fires burning in southern california have forced thousands of people near los angeles to evacuate as the edge ever closer to homes and infrastructure. in the line of fire. up the hillside in simi valley california as it means a freeway becomes not it's a moment of life or death for these motorists soon firefighters managed to douse the flames but the speed with which these fires spread shows how combustible southern california is right now i've been doing this job for thirty one years and probably in the last. maybe seven years every year seems to get worst
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highly flammable the region is in severe drought los angeles is a prime focus. and high winds have been whipping up the fly they have been moving rapidly. off in there so that. residents that the blazes on their doorstep. didn't even have time to tell his wife. or there was no notification came so fast it was not enough time to really. think why did it's not their fault they could possibly be everywhere at once counting the costs in this corner of malibu barely anything remain standing. malibu is one of the areas and it's been among the hardest hit residents are in shock. we have a lot of friends their houses are gone all malibu park is gone.
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we're very lucky we only had one house in our family that. can save destruction and breaks out in a room would have thousand objects this is the third there in awake. the first blaze broke out last. hours after a deadly mass shooting in a thousand. many residents had little time to grade before being forced to flee the flames. well for more now we're joined via skype by claudia bill pena she's a municipal council woman in thousand oaks california thank you for taking time to talk with us today first of all and please begin by telling us what is the situation in thousand oaks right now. well right now in thousand oaks we are. hopefully we're hoping the winds will calm down they have calmed down just
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a little bit but in the meantime we're still reeling from the mass evacuations most factory ssion orders have been lifted and we did have a couple of scares today with the red flag morning again and winds kicking up we had a couple of fires and it was quite scary so the situation is that we are still taking care of people in evacuation centers as eric getting ready to go back home. your community has had to deal with both the mass shooting and deadly fires in quick succession how is your community coping. headspin very very difficult since wednesday night having that mass shooting first of all and having our team center serve as a real unification center for families of those waiting to hear from loved ones
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that team center turned into an evacuation center within twenty four hours now no city in america has had to deal with what thousand oaks a city of one hundred thirty thousand people had to deal with in the last few days it's been very very difficult may i ask you bill is bill daley penya have these events touched you personally. they have i was at the teen center trying to comfort several families who were awaiting word about their daughter or their son. my husband's employee son was killed in the shooting and to be with them while they would be notified that their loved one was not coming home to them was very hard it was really hard in this sounds like a very difficult situation for everyone there the situation in your city must be
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particularly challenging for firefighters and other emergency workers how are how are they holding up. our fighter fired firefighters are just the best in the world i have to say they are working around the clock sleeping in the streets of thousand oaks keeping an eye on embers they're sleeping on cots in people's garages as well. they're out there everywhere trying to make sure that no other lives are threatened and no properties are threatened and we have help from firefighters not only from around california but also from neighboring states and across the country we have several thousand firefighters trying to help us so what are you doing and what can be done in general to help your community pull through this difficult period. well we have to stick together we have to pray together we have to support one another and we do that by delivering food by donating money we do this by
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babysitting for families who need babysitters we have established programs of victims distance that will take care of everything even the smallest needs to help those in the. midst be that they love pena thank you so much for talking with us that was cloud your ability left pena a municipal council woman in thousand oaks california. now some of the other stories making news around the world stage. a u.s. think tank says it has identified at least thirteen undeclared missile bases inside north korea the center for supply and international studies says pyongyang has been upgrading several of the remote sites report to further complicate diplomatic efforts to end north korea's nuclear program. libyan leaders are discussing united nations plans to stabilize their country after seven years of turmoil it's the first time representatives of libya's rival governments and factions have met since
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may the talks are being hosted by italy and come a week after the u.n. abandon plans to hold elections in december. stan lee the man who created iconic comic book characters like spider-man expense and the ben jers has died aged ninety five as the top writer at marvel comics and later its publisher lee was widely considered the architect of the contemporary comment. german foreign minister heiko must has been holding talks with his counter with his chinese counterpart wang eat despite warnings from beijing against interfering in domestic chinese affairs must is expected to convey german concerns about china's treatment of its muslim minority u.n. experts say there are credible reports that china is holding up to one who's holding up to one million weekers in large internment camps. they
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interrogated him and asked him if he was a radical islamist or if it helped other muslims flee the country. they sent me on a chair and questioned me. they tied up my hands and feet. then they took a stick and used it to beat me on my legs arms and feet for four days because he was going to. the chinese government calls the camps training centers state t.v. has repeatedly shown videos of what he claims are happy grateful citizens in classrooms. the students are mainly weekers and other minorities of turkey origin. china accuses them of spreading terrorism and pursuing independence. experience has shown that the training centers are useful in fighting terrorism and extremism and for providing stability in. the shitty these centers are located in
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the northwest of china in the remote province of chin's yang. over the past few months human rights activists have identified at least sixty camps we travel to the city of cars car on the streets police are everywhere the government monitors all activities two cars follow us plainclothes state security are with us every step of the way as soon as we turn our cameras on we are reminded of the rules no one is allowed to talk to us and critical material must be arrays we use a hidden camera and tried to enter a camp but were stopped. but instead of when they first arrested us we were not told why no explanation in the camp itself there were no windows and no fresh air and we were not allowed to shower. omar was released after eight months he fled to kazakhstan where he was
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reunited with his wife and children his mother father and sister are all being held in the camp. he says they're being punished for his alleged crimes the chinese government he says operates on fear requiring absolute obedience from its citizens . when i was in the reeducation camp in prison i met other weekers they were businessmen teachers doctors and engineers not all of them were muslims some were not religious at all. that despite the government's stated aim of cracking down on radical islam islam many people inching jang are living under a cloud of suspicion careful of any behavior that could see them jailed that includes visiting casares mosques which you can only do now if you are a tourist. human rights organizations are campaigning for the
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release of an activist in chinese chechnya who's on trial for possession of drugs or you a bit to had been documenting human rights abuses in chechnya and overseeing humanitarian projects the trial of human rights activist o.-u. t. have is underway in the town of challis not far from the chechen capital of grozny filming witness testimony is forbidden. sixty one year old tittie have has been in investigative custody for ten months authorities accuse him of drug possession which he denies foreign observers at the trial are skeptical. i have grave doubts about jew process in this trial have been hints that witnesses have been influenced that marijuana was squarely planted on mr tidd t.f. by the police and because of all that he doesn't have a fair chance to feel atrocities and perform oh you have managed to grozny office
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of the human rights organization memorial for seven years during that time he challenged constitutional legality and advocated human rights he criticized the abuse of power by police and authorities in chechnya and would not be silenced by threats then he was arrested human rights organizations and russian opposition groups want western countries to put pressure on the chechen government well we will of course like western countries to support our utility of to support me more because this is not just attack against you to see it as an individual human rights defender this is attack against me more your human rights center against human rights organizations who work in the region. the court could decide to simply release to have but it closely follows the government line which has taken a tough stance on human rights activists in recent years. to t. of supporters hope the trial will go quickly. sure looking good for the. rest of
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the man and that everything would go smoothly with a plan to drugs on him or been cheering on process but made a lot of mistakes which they announce trying to cover up. if you wish you could i'm sure in the end the trial was adjourned and will continue next week. in sports spain's powerhouse football club real madrid have appointed santiago solari as their permanent coach the argentinian previously coached the club's b. team before taking over the main side last month since them adrift have one four games at a row in the spanish football association says they've received confirmation from rio that solari has received a permanent contract but the druid have not yet announced details and he called. over to monaco and i was on base also makes a contentious decision about his new headquarters but i can tell you they can only
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be one well maybe two with us when it comes to the new headquarters terry because it has been one of the most coveted prizes in business over two hundred communities across north america submitted bits but now the decision has been mates and as expected amazon has take locations in new york city and to northern virginia as homes for its second quarter that's according to the wall street journal the new headquarters known as h q two will be split between new york's long island and to arlington county's crystal city neighborhood outside of washington d.c. the online giant will make the official announcement later today the journal said citing sources familiar with the decision amazon has been searching for a suitable location for a q two for over a year the online retail giant has been based in seattle since it was founded two decades ago. and staying in the u.s. apple was all. the big loser on wall street on monday with worries about
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a tiny electronic component leading to a staggering forty billion dollars being wiped off its value shares were down more than five percent after a supply award of drastically lowered shipments of laser diodes used in the i phones facial recognition technology investors became nervous and that's been troubling markets in asia with technology shares among the biggest losers the nikkei is down two percent hong kong and singapore also in the red with only shanghai trading flat. well and here in europe all eyes are on rome and brussels the deadline for italy to present a revised budget plan ends today the e.u. is worried about plans by italy's question government to take out more debt to pay for expensive election campaign promises now rome is planning big cuts in taxes to boost growth but the e.u. says that's not acceptable given italy's enormous mountain of debt the biggest in
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real terms in europe actually italy however is the euro zone's third largest economy and the second largest manufacturer in europe but despite the country's potential italian economic growth has been weak and it's been lagging behind used average new government hopes the tax cuts will change that. more debt could have caused jeopardize italy's credit worthiness and even put to the entire eurozone at risk earlier we spoke to german economy stupid stock the e.c.b. former chief economist and i asked him what was likely to happen next here's what he told us at a certain point in time there will be a showdown the question is whether the government will hit the wall with the u. commission or other european institutions or with the markets i personally expect that the you with situations will stand firm not to give you know at this stage at least second that. rating downgrades will follow and credit
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spreads will widen further so in the end the italian government will have no choice than to soften its stance to soften its position and to police to an extent to avoid the escalation of the financial crisis. if it's only going bankrupt. you know i hope that this can be avoided this would be the worst case. i hope that the signals coming from european peers from other european or euro area member states but also from other european institutions like the e.c.b. president draghi was very outspoken in his recent press conference that italy cannot expect any support coming from d.c. b. it is not even within the men date of the e.c.b. to finance the fiscal deficits so i think the the messages coming from the piazza futilely pretty clear but i personally expect that markets will behave more fiercely and signal to italy that it is
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a dead end in continuing this way of policing making. let's just remember that italy's two point three trillion euros national debt war of greece youth unemployment is high i did tell him shaky so how are italians dealing with a looming crisis in stride next report shows. in milan there is little sign of the economic crisis that supposedly small think that there's no shortage of urban development projects for example one reason why giovanni buono had no qualms about returning to the northern italian city after spending years abroad. is my impression is that the country and milan in particular is flourishing in terms of business but also in other ways so there's a lot going on in the city and it's rejuvenating itself. that he told.
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the start up heads was founded two years ago in madrid that it's been in milan for a year now in the city's booming financial technology district here he's meeting business partners to present his crowdfunding real estate financing model which gets small scale investors involved in property management and development the concept has garnered positive reactions when he meets with italian investors bono says he finds that italy's reputation is worse than the reality on the ground. the last. one factor that surprised us was that is taught in clients invest more on average than in spain. so despite the talk of a crisis here families seem to be wealthier. i mean. my joy division was about. but that's the view in this city when it comes to rice or livestock and loot is less optimistic former french. is struggling with cheap
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produce from asia his view of the state of the italian economy and agriculture is far less rosy than in the financial center in the long run. because of that i'm not all that i am or we struggle with high wages in italy. and in addition we have a bloated bureaucracy that we have to obey that makes our lives very difficult. problems that have been around for quite some time but now the country's new populist government plans to significantly boost public spending and to set on a collision course with the e.u. . the politicians are always promising the great things and coming up with great solutions to problems but they're ultimately unrealistic or only partially applicable because in part of that. i don't think they'll go too far they're making a lot of noise but just enough to get people's attention. with over sixty
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governments since the end of the second world war italians are slow to get worked up about new policies now wait and see what happens next. it is a reminder of the top stories we're following for you. israeli warplanes have struck dozens of time gets throughout the gaza strip after palestinian militants in gaza five hundreds of rockets at israel violence follows a botched israeli military raising sunday united nations is appealing for restraint from both sides. you're watching news coming to live from berlin well coming up at the top of the hour.
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